October 14, 2012

Birthday Blanket

 Here it is; Mr. Gnome's long in the process birthday gift.  As in I once thought it would be last year's birthday gift. 
 A quilt that's a tree that was once a bunch of clothes.  Crazy. 
 I've spent the past two weeks quilting these leaves all over it. 
The black is mostly former shirts of his, some of mine and a pair of pants.  The white was a bit harder to come by.  Mostly it was shirts from commissioned t-shirt quilts, but a little of ours and a little bit of some pants and thankfully some shirts donated by a friend when I was running out.  Thank you!!!
The back is pants, his and mine, an old fleece jacket and an old robe.  Oh and a rather unfortunate denim shirt.  Unfortunate, because those two words shouldn't go together; denim and shirt.  Mr. Gnome saw that and commented on how much he liked that shirt.  Yes, dear that's why it had to become something else.  Really it's better this way.
 He likes it.  Today we went for a walk, had brunch and snuggled under this blanket while watching a movie. 
Happy Birthday Mr. Gnome.  Here's to many many more!

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