October 16, 2012

Knits at Sunset

Oh the fall colors!  Fall really has exploded in some ways.  The temperatures don't seem to sure but the trees sure are.  The walk to the library this morning was nice and crunchy.  I do so love crunching through fall leaves. 

The knits are being all matchy matchy with the trees.  First on the left we have Mr. Gnome's Socks as part of the Cookie A. Sock Club; sweat sweat cables.  Then The Bug's sweater.  Just the sleeves left to go!  And last the illusive hexipuff.  These are always going and really usually there is one on the needles; just somehow not when I take a knits at sunset picture.  But this time.  Ho ho.  Here is one.  Actually all knit up awaiting stuffing and bind off.  Lately if I finish knitting a hexipuff and it's almost time to leave wherever we are I stop.  Just stop right there even if it means just sitting for five minutes.  Only five minutes mind, more than that is just crazy.  This way I can take this deflated hexipuff home for stuffing where I can add lavender buds to the stuffing.  Now this doesn't even happen to 10% of the puffs but I hope it'll be just enough to gently sooth a person to sleep as they lay under this lovely blanket.  If I ever finish it......

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