October 28, 2012

Halloween PreGaming

 It's that time of year again. The Bug's favorite holiday; Halloween!  This year she chose to be a Vampire Bat.  Not a Vampire, not a bat, a Vampire Bat. 
She made her mask.  Very exciting that we are moving into the she makes her own costume world.  The ears are her cat ears from two years ago with the pink removed.  To finish off the face, drawn on fangs with blood, she was very specific about the blood.
 The wings.  Now she said she wanted to be a bat (ok, ok Vampire Bat) and I was all oh whoopie easy costume, snore.  I like the challenge and really enjoyed last year's costume.  But, sadly, it's not all about me. 
But to make things a little more interesting I thought up these strips.  My initial thought was that it would be a variety of fabrics and textures fluttering behind her.  But then I found this fabric at the Upcycle Exchange it was Just the Perfect.  It has great weight, slight shimmer and Roses! 
Ghouls in the Garden was today and as always was great fun.  This pose was entirely her idea; cracks me up. 


Meghan said...

she looks like a bad ass bat in that last shot!

jcg said...

Love it. She does the part well.