October 10, 2012

Yarn Along

I read blogs for inspiration or because I know the person and like to see what is going on in their life or to feel like part of something bigger, that whole we're all in this together.  I read cooking blogs, knitting blogs and parenting/homeschooling blogs.  I'll add new ones to the reader just to delete them later.  Nothing against one or the other it's just about what I need right now.  Right now I've been needing more on the family side of things.  I was asked recently if I ever question our homeschooling choice.  Oh hells yes!  was not the response I gave out loud.  I said something to the effect of how all parents question their choices, especially if they go against social norms, blah blah blah.  Now I'm not thinking about sending the kid to school.  I know with her that would be way more work than anything we do at home.  She'd come home ready to explode with all of the built up tension and energy and I know it would explode it negative ways.  Among other reasons.  What we do at home is what I've been searching lately.  Thus I've been reading new blogs.
Which brings me to that random picture you see up there.  Small Things is cute I haven't been following it long and she's nothing like me in so many ways.  Just the crafty and the homeschooling ways.  And, as it turns out, she lives about an hour or so from where I grew up.  Her Yarn Along this week is books and WIPs.  For me that is currently two for both.  More books than normal and fewer knits than normal.  What is normal anyway?  You know about the Marigold sweater next to it is the Fourth book in the Wheel of Time series which I'm rereading in anticipation of the final book Finally coming out.  For the record rereading isn't normal for me either.  Then yesterday the Cookie A. Sock Club yarn came.  Ooooh!  Socks for Mr. Gnome!  Green Mountain Spinnery which, since we're reflecting on location to childhood, is about two hours from where Mr. Gnome grew up.  The Greek Way I'm reading along with the Knit and Lit group that's tied in to the performance series at the theater where Mr. Gnome works.  Yes, I go to a knit group with my husband's boss, we're even friends on Ravelry.  And no it isn't weird at all.  I mean he's a knitter so he must be cool right?  Right. 


Natalie B. said...

Love the colour of your project :)

Meghan said...

i love small things! oh, the irony!

i am thankful i have you traveling alongside me on this homeschooling journey!