October 7, 2012


I was going to do a Knits at Sunset but then I realized I only have THIS ONE THING on the needles!  Woah!  Crazy, crazy world.  So here it is the loan knit.
Sweet Poppy is the pattern.  Came from the same Ebook as Summer Days.  So woohoo didn't buy a new pattern!
The yarn is the really exciting part.  I dyed this stuff with Marigolds!  Mostly last years marigolds as this years didn't take kindly to the drought.  The yellow with a bit of green is SO cool.  Not what I was expecting but very cool all the same.  The Bug is naturally quite happy.  She does love yellow.
Allum mordant, I added some cream of tartar to the mordant this time.  Then cooked the yarn and marigolds all together. 

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