November 20, 2012

Where Hexipuffs Happen

 Yesterday The Bug had a class at the Zoo.  One and a half hours of her doing her thing and me knitting hexipuffs.
I finished one hexipuff while watching this guy.  He (or she, not sure) lumbered around, had a snack and messed with some PVC pipe looking thing which also had some snacks in it.  There were also odd humans who felt the need to roar at the bear.  Not sure what was up with that.
Then I made the next hexipuff next door with the Humboldt Penguins.  These three were right at the edge saying hi to everyone who came by.
And last, I only got to do a few rows with the Prairie Dogs.  I love Prairie Dogs they are adorable!  Yesterday they were feeling quite frisky.  The guard dogs would randomly jump on their hind legs and squeak.  I'm sure their brethren knew what they what was going on but to me it was just adorable.  The one further in the hole here told off a squirrel who ran through their space.  It looked a lot like what I do when squirrels get near my tomato plants. 

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