November 21, 2012

A Family of Hats

It started with that brown hat.  Or it Should have started with the brown hat since I was asked to make it a year ago....and kind of forgot.  ahem.  So ah there it is now.  Really I made the Ripley hat, as you may recall.  Then I remembered that I was supposed to have made the brown hat.  Then I figured since the mom and dad were getting hats the kid should too.  Makes total sense.  Really.
First it was just a cute pink hat.  Ears using the same formula of short rows as I used on The Bug's Orange Hat.  
But it really needed a bit of something. 
 So I made a purple bow.  A Big Purple Bow.  It's all in the details and really that is what can make a hand made gift really special to the recipient.  Let's face it most people don't know, or care, or understand why we spent however long making them whatever.  Is it cute?  Is it functional?  Is it liked?  That's what matters. 
I think this purple bow gives this hat that extra something that a three year old girl will really like.  And being for a three year old I sewed that bow on like crazy.  It'll take some serious yanking to get it to come off. 

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