November 14, 2012

Yarn Along

 Or, Hey I Cleared Off the Dinning Room Table and Put More Books and Yarn on It so It Looks Exactly Like it Did Before With Maybe Fewer Cheerios. 
I'm still reading The Fires of Heaven.  No surprise there.  I am not reading the Book Club book this month.  It's about sports and I just know there is no point in even trying.  Since I'm so boring I'll show you the books I'm reading to The Bug.  These are the Bed Time Books.  Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince for those illusive nights when Mr. Gnome is home.  And Queste for the more common nights when Mr. Gnome is not home.
As far as knitting I have two sweaters for me and a pair of socks for Mr. Gnome on the needles.  I did finish that blue sweater and if I ever see my husband again in the daylight hours I'll hopefully get him to take a picture.  Until then know that it is adorable and I'm happy.
The socks are Cookie A's Wedge and I've already had a gauge issue.  The purple sweater is Wetherell plain knitting for those evenings when simple is needed.  The black with purple (I told you I was on a purple kick) is Athabasca for those nights when I want a challenge.

1 comment:

Tanya said...

oh the dining room table. how doth thou keep it clear?

diggin' that purple!