December 15, 2012

Big Yellow Taxi

Now that it's the last night of Chanukah I can share with you the only secret handmade gift. 
I spun my mom some yarn!  It's Yarn Geek Fibers Sock Top, Superwash Merino and Bamboo and maybe Nylon but I don't remember, I gave mom the tag.  This was my first time spinning Superwash and that was a different experience.  It wasn't as slippery as regular merino but it somehow got away from me more.  Maybe it's lack of grippy? 
 It became 413 yds of DK weight yarn.  Yellow, and Black, and just a wee bit of white.
 Attica thought the plying looked like fun.  She does like to help. 

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jcg said...

I love it! Beautifully spun. Now to find something special to knit.