December 11, 2012


 Last night was our family Chanukah night.  The one night that Mr. Gnome will be home for Chanukah.  It's quite handy having long holidays that I can work around his schedule.
Naturally we made latkes but this year we also made Suganiyah (Jelly Doughnut) Cupcakes.  Last year my mom gave us a Chanukah cupcake decorating kit.  Like I need an excuse to bake!
The Bug put raspberry preserves on top of the batter.  They were supposed to rise up and encase the preserves but that didn't really happen.   Probably my preserves were to liquidy. 
 Sprinkling powdered sugar using templates.  Unfortunately the preserves just soaked up the sugar so the stenciling didn't look as great as it could have.  She had fun all the same.
Attica is not sure about all this fire in the house.  The Bug isn't sure about latkes.  She ate most of one this year which is a record. 
Happy Chanukah all!

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jcg said...

Happy Chanukah! Miss all of you.