December 12, 2012


 I found a mistake in my knitting this morning.  Way down in my knitting.  When this happens I try very hard to just drop down to where it happened and fix it.  This of course doesn't always work but when it does it's so much faster and easier than ripping the entire piece out to that point.
It worked very well this time.  I've learned that you first have to figure out what you did wrong before ripping.  As opposed to if you just rip back to where the mistake is you can often just do the right thing without needing to know what you did wrong.  You need to know where you were on the chart and what stitches have traveled where so you know how much to rip out.  If there are cables going everywhere this can get very tricky.  If there is just one cable going up and down this is wicked easy. 
In this case it was lace.  See those decrease lines?  I'd done one the wrong direction for a long time.  Yarn overs create new stitches and when ripped out lead to nothingness.  So as I just that section back there were fewer and fewer stitches to be fixed.  It came back together great. 
Back to normal. 
This is the latest and last Cookie A. Sock Club sock for 2012.  And it's Purple!  It's like she knows me. 

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