December 3, 2012

Craziest Quit Top

About two years ago I found this quilt top at an antique mall.  It was so crazy, so tacky and just so cool!  I knew I wasn't going to fulfill it's once dream of being a quilt.  To me this had so much more potential.
Back in June part of it became a clothes pin apron.  It's one of the silliest, most useful things I have ever made.
The clothespins are right there.  No bending over.  No having one hand holding the clothespins leaving the other hand to do everything else.  It's pretty great.  In that dorky homemaker sort of way.  Mr. Gnome made fun of it so much I never asked him to take a picture.  The Bug took both of these for me this morning.  
Oh that fabric.  It's just crazy!  It's not all cotton at all.  Some loosely woven something.  Quite a bit of polyester.  Whoever was making this was learning to sew, I can only guess.  The seam allowances are really small; less then 1/4 in.  Leaving quite a few seams needing to be re-sewn.  The color choices leave me to assume that these were someones left overs, possibly the person doing the teaching.  Who knows.  It's fun to imagine. 
When I first got the top I wanted to use some of it to make pot holders.  I've needed new potholders for a while.  As with most sewing things this idea had to bounce around in my head for a good year before I started on the actual project. 
The other side.
The inside of are two layers of an old towel.  It came together quite fast once I sat down to do it.  I've been trying to do Saturdays are for Sewing.  Sewing on Saturday evenings after The Bug is asleep. 
This hasn't even used half of the quilt top.  Who knows what the future holds.  


Meghan said...

oh, mr. gnome! the clothespin apron is quite cool and practical. and i love the potholders. i also love that you have created the story behind this quilt top.

Tempest ina Pot of Tea said...

Clever you!