December 7, 2012


What has happened to the blog!  Ugh.  You know those weeks where it doesn't look like anything is scheduled so you make all these lists and plans and then suddenly way too much is happening.  Yea, we've had a few of those lately.  I'm always surprised when this happens.  Which is sad, since I'm doing it to myself. 
Well totally late here are the November Hexipuffs.  I took this picture on December 1 and then I don't know what happened.  There are 29 hexipuffs there.  Crazy!  There's a sheep who looks a bit like a cow so maybe we'll say it's a cow, a golden snitch, a cloud, a butterfly, cupcake with sprinkles and what I hope looks like a lotus flower.  There are also two cabled hexipuffs in there.  This brings the total up to 140. Ever marching forward.

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