December 24, 2012

Purple Sweater

See we have a theme happening here.  Done with buttons this sweater has even gone to see The Hobbit!
Wetherell.  I used Miss Bab's Yowza.  Two skeins almost all of them.  There's probably less than five yards left.  The designer says it is supposed to be worn with 1-2" of positive ease.  So to achieve this throughout I cast on for the 34" size.  Decreased at the waist shaping to the 36.5" size and did that size for the rest.  The sleeves are a tad short, in the pattern.  I knit them two at a time so I could get them as long as I wanted without the fear of running out of yarn.  And Oh I feared.  Got them to be full length just as I wanted!
The buttons are from an old store bought sweater that has long died.  Actually it's in the Garland we made way back. 
It is so soft and warm and wonderful.  And Purple.
As for the true color it's the top one.  My kitchen turns everything orange no matter what I do with the camera.

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