January 7, 2013


There aren't too many options for rearranging the furniture in the house.  So sometimes I like to redo what's on the walls. Something different to look at even if you are in the same seat.
We have a spare rally spare  room downstairs that has the shut off for the gas and water.  It's really the room where we'd hide if there was a tornado.  There are just holes in the walls to get to the shut offs.  Classy.  So Mr. Gnome got two (2!) of these to cover the holes.  A few months ago I painted some cabinet doors and we hung them over the holes instead.  Now we have these lovely bits of something.  
Enter Chalk Board Paint.  We'd gotten some Chalk Board Paint for a project for the Bug a while back.  It's pretty cool stuff.  I also like quotes.  Used to collect them and do calligraphy.  You know I'm a dork, really people where have you been!  But I really don't like the quotes on walls or pictures things.  Somehow that's cheesy.  Or maybe just too permanent for me.  So chalk board painted the back of one of those lovelies and then painted the boarder purple.  Not just because I'm purple obsessed.  But also because the kitchen/dinning room is supposed to be green and purple.  Or that's the theory.  
 Then I'd been wanting some floating shelves to put some stuff on in this blank space in the dinning room.  All you can find is either fancy or cheap looking.  The Bug suggested we paint them.  Genius!  I told her so right there in Target. 
Purple naturally.  The same as the chalk board.  They're in the same room; ties it all together, or something.  Those, plate, gnomes and tea cups, were my Grandmother's.  It's like she knew, well before I ever thought about Mr. Gnome, that there would should be gnomes in the family. 
And finally I moved the larger square into the kitchen with the other squares so we could spread out the shot glasses and make room for the new mugs.
We just put these things up and Mr. Gnome has called me Kitchy and Martha.  Sigh.....

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