January 6, 2013

Knits at Sunset

Five!!!  Ah well.  It's been worse; in fact it will be worse again soon.  Life situations are going to lead me to need to cast on for three more things in the next week.  Athabasca all big and beautiful on the left there.  It's knit in the round then split to do the back and front.  I'm almost done with the back.  Then Bex this sock is going to be a Slow one.  Lots and lots of twisted cables, no off rows.  Love it!  Then the Temps Scarf; it was light blue yesterday.  A wee bit of a hexipuff is sticking up over there on the far right.  And behind all that is the Scroll Lace Scarf getting knit up with the Darkwing Duck Handspun.  It's been such a quick knit I'm almost done.  Makes it more ok that I'll be casting on for those three more things this week.  Right?


October Rose said...

Love all the blues! :)

Tanya said...

yes, more wips are always required/welcome