January 30, 2013

Life gets in the way

In the way of the blogging; sometimes.  Last week after we got back the internet was on and off.  Because getting back into the swing of life isn't hard enough after a trip. (Great, and now the computer refuses to see the camera.) 
Then I'd missed spinning so much I did too much resulting in a pulled something in my back.
Now I think things are back to our not-at-all-normal level of normal.
Alright here we go.  I did finish the first Bex.  Like I'd said I feared running out of yarn.  Of course I Always fear running out of yarn though I never have on a sock before.  First time for everything.  It seems they dyer isn't dying anymore.  I got this yarn at Sock Summit a year and a half ago.  It's Indigo dyed and I thing it's beautiful.  And Bex is beautiful and together they would make such an elegant lovely pair of socks. 
But alas that wasn't quite meant to be.  I had some brighter Indigo dyed yarn from Verb for Keeping Warm and have striped it into the toe.  I'm still getting over this break in my vision for this sock. 


Tanya said...

It's still cute!

Wow your stitching is so neat!

Meghan said...

i like the stripes, but that probably does not surprise you.