January 31, 2013

Homeschooling as a flowing chart

People love to say how hard it must be to Homeschool your kid.  I'm not sure what they mean by this.  Mostly for us it's just letting her do her thing.  Which is hard at times.  And can take you through the strangest places.
The Danger Box
We started reading The Danger Box  as her going to bed when daddy isn't home book.  We'd listened to her other books and liked them.  This one, I think, is even better.
Charles Darwin (Scientists Who Made History)

It led to her wanting to learn more about Charles Darwin.  So we read this biography and perused another where we found this website (Which is Awesome!)  This biography really explains the world Darwin was living in and all the reasons that his theory was a big and not much liked idea.  We might be reading more about the industrial revolution soon.
On that website there are copies of his journals most of which are hard to read but cool. And go back to Danger Box The Bug came across a picture he'd drawn of a mountain. 
 Into the Unknown: How Great Explorers Found Their Way by Land, Sea, and Air

So she goes running for Into the Unknown (a book I'd gotten at the library this week because it looked cool) because it has information about Mt. Everest.  And we'd followed these guys on their Mt. Everest Trek last year after hearing about it on Science Friday.  We'd read and watched a bunch of movies about Mt. Everest then.
This leads to reading about what the book has to say about Marco Polo a recent interest that started with
Following the Trail of Marco Polo (Geronimo Stilton, No. 4)

Following the Trail of Marco Polo which she'd read on her own then wanted to read a biography about Marco Polo. 
Who Was Marco Polo?
 Who Was Marco Polo? which she also read on her own.
And Now she wants to learn more about China.
I need to look into books for that still.
So really the hard part is keeping up and letting go.  Paying attention isn't easy especially if it isn't what you planned on paying attention to.  We've been reading about Egypt for the past few months and I always have to let go so she can follow one of these new strings.
 Asterix in Britain
Now she is back to messing around with Roman Numerals after reading Asterix in Britain.  If you let them anything can lead to the most amazing places.

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