January 5, 2013

This is SO cool, accept when it'll be hot!

A friend of mine on Ravelry liked this pattern when I saw it I thought, 'well that's pretty neat'.  Then the crazy anal retentive part of my brain who likes random and order all at the same time went, "No, that is Awesome!" and sent me running to get my bags of leftover yarn balls. 
I wrote out my temperatures in Fahrenheit because I didn't feel like explaining to The Bug the difference.  You see I'm turning this into a math and science thing for her. Clever! We went onto The Weather Channel's sight to see what the weather had been for the past few days. From now through the end of the year we'll see what the weather was on the previous day and hopefully not really fall behind.
 She wrote down the past four days and told me what colors I needed to knit.
I cast on 34 stitches because that's how old I'll turn this year for no real reason. Knit 7 rows because that's how old The Bug is in the starter color.  I'll knit 8 rows in this yarn at the end of the year, because, you, know, she'll be 8, really people math.  Then I knit one row in the month color.  1 row for the first month, keeping up?  So far it's been light gray for two days then bright purple for two days.  I'm insanely excited.  Really, The Bug told me I was crazy. 

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Kris said...

Great! I love the meaning you've added on to it as well, for the number of stitches cast on and the number of rows at the start and end!