January 23, 2013

Vermont In January Or What Were We Thinking!

 Being in Vermont was great.  It was the flying in the winter that wasn't one of our smartest decisions.  
 While there the Bug stabbed Ice.  She and her Nona were making an ice candle holder globe thing.  It was magical.
 Who needs a wide open hill when you can sled wooded paths?  That's how it's done in Vermont.  Apparently.  This was actually one of the wide paths.  You don't want to know what I was saying as I sped past trees with steep drops to the side.  
 We got a little lost.  Crossed over a not really frozen creek.  Naturally I stopped as the ice creaked to take a picture.
 It was a bit tiring especially for the littlest.  Really for all of us.  But very pretty.
 Then we got trapped in New Jersey for 18hrs.  The Bug is a great traveler but she wasn't too impressed with this part of the adventure.  None of us were.
Every and all flights will be delayed for no real reason.  Thank goodness for books. 
And Knitting.  Got a lot done on Bex.  Almost finished Mr. Gnome's socks.  And started a sweater for The Bug.  If one can't do a lot of knitting in Vermont where can it happen? 

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Tempest ina Pot of Tea said...

Vermont looked cold, but sledding looked fun. Glad you made it home safe.