January 15, 2013

Photos by The Bug

 Also in the finished and never got to talk about it because it went so darn fast category.  Fingerless mitts!  Because you truly cannot have to many pairs of fingerless mitts.  These happen to be photographed with Pumpkin Pie Smoothy.  We're almost done reading the Harry Potter Books so we've started watching the movies.  I've been making a little something to go with the movies; treacle-less treacle tart, butterbeer, and these for Pumpkin Juice.  I've been having fun.
 So I made The Bug take some pictures yesterday with the smoothie.  These are just basic mitts.  I made them a bit long so they'd be extra comfy. 
The Yarn is the Berry Cobbler I spindle spun over a year ago.  I really thought it would use all of the stuff but it only used most of one skein.  Fingerless Gloves can be tricky like that. 
I'm really happy with how this yearn turned out.  I wasn't in love with it when spun it.  Lots of pink and I just didn't know if I liked how it was looking.  But it's really even.  I Navajo plied it and love how this made nice long stripes.  It's dense and squishy and just seems like it'll hold up well to being mitts.  Oh and warm.  Can't forget warm.


Tanya said...

the look lovely! almost the same, but different enough for that extra cuteness! :3

Meghan said...

i want a pair. seriously.