February 6, 2013

Art Journals

I've always been interested in art journaling.  I like the multi media part of it most of all.  This year The Bug and I have taken on our own Art Journaling adventure.  I've had way to much fun on Pinterest.  And The Bug has had lots of fun with markers, paints, collaging, writing, and all sorts of things.

 Tinkerballoon She said she didn't have room for her head on the one page so she had to have a balloon head. 

Mom in a Field of Flowers.  She sewed, yes, sewed with needle and thread, some trim to the page then drew the picture.

 A collage of shapes then writings of the characters in Winnie-The-Pooh.  She'd just finished reading the book.

 The Family.  We all have crowns and I believe it's sunset.

Kitty Collage. I like how she got things from multiple places.

This one is especially fun as that chunk of paper folder out to reveal multiple pictures including more fairies a jack-o-lantern and some writings.  This one took her a few days to complete and that kind of patience isn't all normal for her.

I've been doing much less.  Some stamping some collage.  Then I used the page to write my daily to-do list. 


R said...

That looks really cool. We recently started keeping books for drawing, but this really opens up the possibilities.

Meghan said...

love this! alicia bayer posts a lot of art journal ideas on pinterest.