February 17, 2013

Figgy Cookie A.

 On Monday I got the Cookie A. Sock Club packet.  The first one of the year.  I was quite excited!  Opened up the package and found some lovely dark green yarn.  This leads to the excitement of What will the patterns be.  So I got on the computer to see the pattern updates.  All the while The Bug is asking about the cookies.  Priorities. 
 Somehow I had 5 messages on Ravelry.  What?!  Well there was the patterns and there were a bunch of people Including Cookie A. tagging me in a thread.  Curious.  Well it turns out I'd won the December contest.  Now I'd read about the contest when it was announced but had forgotten about it.  I don't win stuff so, whatever.  At first I was like that's nice I won.  Then I went back to the top of the thread to see what it was and started FREAKING OUT!  The prize is the book Tudor Roses an out of print Alice Starmore AND the yarn to make Elizabeth I.  So yes, freaking out.  I called my mom because The Bug was still asking about the cookie recipes.  Priorities. 
 So now I've started the sock.  Then last night we Finally made one of the cookie recipes.  Fig Newtons.  And Oh are they Yummy.  Flaky and not at all too sweet. 
We had leftover Figgy Filling and I decided it would pair nicely with Banana French toast.  Then I got really inspired and thought it would be even more amazing with yogurt cheese.  Last night I got the over ripe bananas out of the freezer, set the yogurt to drain and left out the bread slices to dry.  I never have my stuff together like that! 

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jcg said...

Oh, I have to make the fig cookies.
Must start the Ernie socks.
Congratulations again for winning the contest. Can't wait to see the book and the yarn you chose.