February 1, 2013


There are getting to be quite a few monthly reports to make.  
 January's bit of the temperature scarf.  This continues to be so fun.  The Bug still excitedly runs to the computer every morning to look up the previous day's high.  It was one of the many frustrations while our internet was out.  She still enjoys talking about how much it has changed from day to day and looking up which color I'm supposed to use.  Really fun.  See that yellow that's when it got into the 70's here.  Crazy madness.  And that light, light brown, I call it oatmeal, that's our coldest color.  Just two days in a row of that.  What is less exciting is weaving in the ends.  OH MY!  I spent yesterday's reading time doing that.  Thrilling work.....
Then the disappointing January Hexipuffs.  13, bringing out total to 169.  Sad sad sad.  Now I was gone for a week of January and did not bring it with me.  So there is that.  And it's mostly been too cold for park day and I really do knit quite a few during park time.  And there wasn't zoo class and that's like 1.5 hours of knitting time for me.  February will be better!  Maybe....  I do have a cute queen bee and some light bluebells so it's not all bad.

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