March 11, 2013


It's just crazy.  The Bug is 8 today.  She woke up to legos and a Camp Half-Blood Shirt with Team Leo on the back.  If you've read Rick Riordan's Olympians than you know.  If not you should.  We've listened to them and really enjoyed all of his series.  What more could the girl want.  It's amazing how much she's grown this past year.  In size and in personality.  She definitely knows what she likes and isn't shy to let people know.  I just can't believe what a Kid she is. 
She had class at the Zoo (about elephants) today and we were planning on cake with friends after.  I had some issues with the cake I made so we got store bought cupcakes.  Every year I leave room for this possibility and this was the first year I've needed the back up.
 When we got home I was able to somewhat save the cake.  It's not as nice looking as I like but it tastes good.  They're legos if you can't tell. I used juice for the icing again. 
Mr. Gnome was home to enjoy the Lego Cake.  We' don't usual do a lit cake and the singing and all with just the three of us.  It was nice.

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R said...

Liam saw this post and said, is that a Lego cake?!? That's awesome!