March 1, 2013


 February has been a heck of a month in some way.  But at the same time I don't know what happened to it.
I did get 17 hexipuffs done.  Including a cabled one, one with two hearts, a shooting star with some sparkle, and a hot air balloon.  I finally got around to measuring the actual surface of the mattress and where I'd actually want the blanket to lie.  It's not like a traditional blanket, I don't want it hanging over the edge or going up to onto someones head, so using a blanket's measurement wasn't the right thing to be doing.   The good news is I only need 495 hexipuffs as opposed to the over 1000 I'd previously thought.  Of course I only have 186 now so we're still talking years of hexipuff knitting, just fewer years.
The temperature scarf more accurately shows the blah that is February.  Purple and blue and some more purple.  January was more interesting, having both more colder days (grays) and more warmer days (greens, even one yellow).  Also of interest that dusty plum that you see finishing off the month and showing up a number of times before that, wasn't used at all in January.  It's a mid 30's color.  I find that sort of thing interesting. 

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