April 11, 2013

But there are pretty buttons

 I finished these over a week ago.  All I can say is that my parents were in town and the weather was lovely and I just wasn't wearing this beauties.  And they are beauties!  The patter is Veyla by Ysolda Teague.  Naturally, who else would design something so adorable?
The buttons don't Exactly match.  Each gloves buttons match.  So the four on the left are the same and the four on the right are the same but the eight are not the same.  They do work with the gloves I think.  All old looking, probably because they are with the off white of the yarn.  Miss Babs Hues in Wheaton. 
They are cute and really perfect for today's cooler dampness.  I can also knit in them since they are so short.  A nice bit of something. 

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