April 8, 2013

Fleece to Yarn

 I've been working through the fleece.  Comb, spin, comb, spin.  I'm mostly enjoying the process.  It's been neat to see the transformation from the dirty fleece to just off white yarn.
Some of the locks still have dirty ends even after two washings.
I stick them on my combs.  I watched a nice you tube video on combing.  The woman kept warning to comb away from yourself so you don't go down a cup size.  Cracked me up. See all that dirty stuff?
 A couple passes with these and.....
All gone!  Nice and fluffy white.
 Now for the pulling off.  This is probably my least favorite part.  Sometimes it goes nice and smoothly other times I feel like I'm fighting it.  It seems to depend a lot of the lengths of the locks.
 And now I have my first skein from it!
It's about 245 yds of worsted weight 3-ply.  Just what I was hoping for!  Before washing it was 278 yds.  It's a corriedale mix and really puffed out and bounced back with the washing.
Still not the most even thing out there and there are some slubs in places but over all I'm pleased.  I have two more bobbins full, one more and I'll ply up another skein.  This will put me at just over half the fleece left, I think. 
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1 comment:

Tanya said...

that's just amazing that it's come all this way. any plans for it yet?