April 21, 2013


 April is a slower time for Mr. Gnome so we generally catch up on family stuff.  Just hanging, stuff around the house, whatever.  He was home most for Friday and all of both Saturday and Sunday.  Crazy pants! 
Friday I made breakfast.  Sourdough biscuits, homemade vegan sausage, local eggs and local spinach. Oh my yum. 
 Mr. Gnome and The Bug then made beer.  Or what may be beer.  It may be something else.  Sometimes being creative can backfire on a person.
 Saturday we went to the Botanical Garden.
Then to a Food Truck Feast.  The Bug enjoyed the cupcakes.  Ok we all enjoyed the cupcakes; and to be fare we all got icing on our nose.  We don't all, however, have a mean mommy who'll take a picture of it to share with the world. 
That night Mr. Gnome and I went on a date *gasp* to see a band we've been enjoying together for almost 13 years.  Good times.
Then Sunday we went to The Earth Day Festival.  Saw lots of stuff The Bug painted a bus among other things.  In our drive to be all Earth Dayish we walked the over two miles to get there.  Which was fine really but I had to rush on the way back to get to the Library so Mr. Gnome and I can watch Dr. Who tonight.  Priorities. 
Maybe it's just as well that Mr. Gnome isn't usually home on weekends.  I'm exhausted. 

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