April 23, 2013

If You Set it Up They Will Come

 I have lost my art journal.  I have no idea where it is.  Somewhere clever I'm sure.  There are some neat junk journals around on pinterest where you use junk mail as your base.  I've wanted to get that started for myself. Today being an icky gray day seemed like a good day. 

The Bug was in her room listening to a CD and doing something.  I didn't want to interrupt her so just started setting up.  Trusty craft tablecloth, lots of papers from various sources, paints, glitter, markers, pencils, crayons, glue, scissors tape whatever we had stuffed into the art journal drawer.  I've been really wanting to spread it all out so we could really get into it for a while.  I'd done almost two pages before the Bug came out of her room to get a snack and saw me. 
"What are You doing?"
"Having Fun.  What are you doing?"
"Can I have fun too?"
Of course. 
It took a lot of self control not to pull her out of her room when I'd finished setting up.  All that fun potential sitting there.  And I knew she'd want to join in.  But I wanted her to finish her thing.  She needs that too.

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