May 27, 2013

I like food

And I haven't taken a picture of the finished knitting piece.
Thus I give you some of the more interesting dishes I've made up this spring.  I do like the challenge of bringing home who knows what from the Farmer's Market and making it into a yummy meal.  I kind of miss it over the winter.  Maybe that's weird.
Mr. Gnome and I got a used gas grill on our anniversary last month.  I was rather excited.  It really doesn't take long to cook veggies on a grill and the whole lighting the coal and letting it burn out thing took so much longer than the food took to make.  It seemed silly.  This is the first thing I made on it.  Grilled veggies tacos.  Lots of garlic oil and some arugula under the veggies.  The tortillas are sourdough and I happened to have them in the fridge. 
 Not on the grill but eaten outside is some grilled veggies on a salad with Balsamic Vinaigrette.  I love warm veggies with on a cool bed of lettuce.  This also has chickpeas in it.
Then the Popcorn grits, baked beans and greens.  This is in a Tupperware because The Bug and I walked it to Mr. Gnome at work.  I didn't have a leftover for him to bring that day and the weather was nice so we delivered. 

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