May 24, 2013


Last year we picked strawberries at the end of April.  This year it's nearing the end of May.  This is why Average strawberry season is mid May. Oh statistics you tricksy minx!

 We got about 15lbs of strawberries.
 I've made the strawberry rosewater cobbler thing.  I didn't make it last year and I regretted it all year long. 
 Last night we had Isa's Strawberry Salad.  I didn't use mache, used half spinach half arugula because that's what was at the market.  This being strawberry salad #1.  There will be another later in the week.
And this year I did make strawberry preserves.  Remember last year when I didn't because the Bug hadn't wanted any strawberry preserves the previous year?  What do you think she asked for all this past year?  Yup, strawberry preserves.  So I made three jars. 
I froze some for strawberry peach preserves later.  I still need to dehydrate some but need to actually be home a bit of a day to do that.  It's been one of those weeks.  And so will next week.  I don't know if I'll freeze any.

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