May 3, 2013

Socks and Cookies and Socks

I finished Pirouette.  They are lovely.  Such a light springy purple.  I choose to do yos in the traveling panel instead of make ones.  I felt the yarn needed to be pretty and lacy.   The yarn is Dream in Color; not what one expects from them, they aren't usually so solid.  The base isn't something I'd have ever bought.  Lots of little splitty plys.  Kind of annoying really.  But the color is pretty so it's all good in the end.
 Yesterday I made the chocolate cookies from the club.  These things are Insane.  Semi-sweet, bittersweet, cocoa and white chocolate.  But somehow not too much of any.  Just perfectly chocolatey.  I also cast on for the other sock in the club.  Tulip with some very well marinated Socks that Rock from Maryland Sheep and Wool Festival three years ago.  
Pretty traveling lacy bits.