May 2, 2013


Oh April you crazy bipolar thing.  You really flew by. 
Look at this thing.  Crazy month for the temperature scarf.  You might consider it upside down.  The last day is on the top.  Well Actually that last on is yesterday the first day of May.  May decided to great me with a migraine so I was busy dying yesterday instead of all the things I really wanted to do.  Consider it a sneak peak.  See all that yellow and then blue and then yellow and all what is the world do I want to be.  Bipolar April.  Ending with our first Orange.  Oooooh.
Then we have 16 hexipuffs.  Back to normal.  It could have been better but I missed two Spanish class knitting times.  That's like 4 hexipuffs. Once I accidentally locked Mr. Gnome out of the house and had to go back to let him in.  It really was an accident, ; I mean it....  Then we had a coffee date together at another class time.  Nice, but cuts into the hexipuff numbers.  There is a fawn, a TARDIS and one with some random purl rows in the middle. 

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