June 3, 2013


 I made a skirt for me and one for The Bug.
Cheezy picture.  Mr. Gnome said we weren't looking happy at first.  Mine is fabric I found at the Upcycle exchange.  It's thin non-natural something.  But it's blue and I like it.  The skirt has a zipper and button closure, a waistband and is gathered where it attaches to the waistband.  I've realized that I like a gathered skirt so much more than an a-line.  It has more flounce to go with my natural flounce.  And it's easier to sit on the ground in.
 The green in The Bug's is also from the Upcycle exchange and the tan is leftover from backing the last commissioned quilt.  The green is a circle style skirt with the tan being straight rectangles attached to it.  Makes the hem easier to do.  Just an elastic waist as is great for a kid.  Better movement and easier to adjust if needed.
Some buggy something has been interested in the gloves, scarf and hat baskets.  I hung them up to get some air and have now put them away for the season.  It's almost embarrassing how much there is.  Almost.

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I LOVE these pictures.