June 5, 2013

Yarn Alonging

I'm still reading Lord of Chaos.  Almost done.  But I did get a new cookbook!  The summer plan is to go on a few road trips.  Mr. Gnome and I used to do this a lot but kid and life just have been getting in the way.  This summer I hope to reintroduce our love of a good road trip.  However, eating a vegetarian diet in the boonies can be a bit more adventurous than I like.  Not to mention bringing ones own food is cheaper.  So I bought a book on Sandwiches.  Saving money already.....  I've made one thing so far, Peanut Butter Banana Bacon Sandwiches, and brought it for dinner at Shakespeare in the Park.  It was tasty and the performance was fun.
The sock up there is the second Pi sock.  I think I'll be calling them Blueberry Pi.



Elisabeth Andree said...

Thanks for sharing the info about the book, it sure got my interest.

elizabeth said...

I love road trips! have a great time! looks like a lovely sock

Kerry Cogan said...

Love those colors! And blueberry pi--such a clever name!