June 26, 2013

Summer so sewing

 I have been sewing more evenings than knitting.  Now I have a new skirt.  And sunglasses, thought I'm less sure about the sunglasses.
 Again flouncy like I like it.  The fabric came from this adorable fabric store that closed a few months so the owner could spend more time with her family.  The fabric is so fun and funky; old phones and cameras and the flowers!  It's like someone mashed all the 70's stuff into one fabric.  The colors are different for me, but it works with blue so I'm ok. 
I made one big pocket for the skirt.  The tie is from something.  I really don't remember what.  It's a nice roomy pocket and will perfectly work to hold my keys and money at the farmer's market.  At other times too I'm sure but that is when I most need a functional pocket. 

1 comment:

Meghan said...

looks great! fun fabric!