June 19, 2013

The Brighter Side

I'm on the other side of a nearly three day migraine today.  Even this morning I was still not feeling that well.  Often when I'm in a migraine I don't know if it will get better or worse as the day progresses.  This was one from an unknown trigger and completely caught me off guard.  It started with me not feeling well and ignoring it and doing the many things I wanted and needed to do that day.  I do this too often; not listen to my body.  Though to be fair it doesn't seem to matter for the duration of a migraine.  It has it's own agenda and once in one there is little I can do to get out.  I can get relief, enough to marginally function, feed the family (it's why I keep boxed and frozen foods in the house), run the kid to her things (collapse in bed after), but little else.  But then, like magic it seems, the cloud lifts and I'm me again.  I can do things without wanting to pass out, my brain isn't full of cotton, I don't feel nauseous and starving all at once.  This afternoon that happened.  It was late afternoon and I was starting to give up on feeling better today.  I go through the entire migraine with hope and wishes to feel better any moment.  We got back from running errands, it was hot, I was tired.  But a normal hot and a normal tired; a June hot, an end of a long day tired.  Then instead of lying down the Bug and I went to the pool.  Something I rarely want to deal with on Wednesdays after running errands when I am feeling well.  But today I knew I could and I wanted to. So we did.  I haven't caught up on the dishes or the cleaning (you can see I need to vacuum), it'll be another day or more until all of that happens.  But I went to the pool with my daughter.  Then after she went to bed, I didn't lye still trying not to fall asleep at 7pm, I listened to an audio book and spun quite a bit of that roving.  Now I'm going to stay up later than I have in days to read.  It feels good to feel good. 
Now if only those dishes would stop staring at me.

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jcg said...

So glad you're feeling better. I remember those headaches. When they are gone you really appreciate how good it feels to feel good.