June 18, 2013

Purple Cheese

 Finished Purple Cheese.  Ok so I didn't finish the entire last ball.  I was starting to feel rather stabby stabby with the needles.   It's plenty long and I'm done. 
 I told The Bug the pattern is called Swiss Cheese.
 "Oh, now the holes make sense"
 She liked this way of wearing it.  She wanted to model it tied around her waist as she always wears her scarves.  This isn't her scarf she isn't doing that to this piece. 
Almost two balls of Malabrigo lace weight.  Almost two months of knitting.  Oh my why did it take so long!  It's garter with cast ons and cast offs.  It was the ons and offs and the counting and the counting wrong that took so long.
It's going to be a Holiday gift. 

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