June 29, 2013

Two more days

This great experiment with the roving to the right yarn has had me quite a bit nervous.  I finished plying the first half Thursday and washed it yesterday.  Then it was time for the moment of truth.  Finding out the weight.  I was nervous.  It seemed to have fluffed up more than I'd expected.
It's DK weight, light DK in most of it, and I was hoping for at the most DK.  The pattern is knit at a DK gauge but fingering weight is recommended for an airy garment.  Just like in Sweet Poppy.  But I didn't really like that yarn in that gauge.  The Bug is just so hard on, well, everything really.  And that sweater has quite a few snags in it.  Cyclades Vest was the same, DK gauge with fingering yarn, but I knit it in a DK weight yarn and like it so much more.  No, it's not as flowy but it will survive longer. So that was my plan for this as well.  Sometimes the best part about doing a number of pieces from a designer is knowing what they like and tend to do with a garment then knowing how to make that work for you.
First half got me 351 yds.  I only need 460 for her size.  Woo hoo!  Oh and look a cucumber!  Shhh don't look to hard, if it keeps going it will be my first summer squash I've grown in this state!
There  is a small bit knit at the recommended gauge not too dense by any means.  It being a two ply yarn should assist in being a flowy garment as well.  Oh and there are going to be beads!  But big ones like those but I may look for nicer ones.  I didn't spend anything on this yarn so I should be able to buy beads.  Right?

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