July 1, 2013


 It's that time again. In which I wrap up the long lasting, never ending, we can only stand to look at them in these little monthly increments projects. 
12 hexipuffs bringing us up to 268.  Sad sad.  One has lightsabers on them.  Happy Happy.  This month will either be just as bad or worse or considerably better.  Depending on how things go.  But isn't that always the way.
The temperature scarf is showing how completely messed up our weather is.  Green!  In June. The last day was even lighter yellow, or tweed yellow. There are two shades of yellow they are just not very far apart in shades.  This is what happens when you only use scraps.  If you look closely at that big blob of yellow you may be able to see that there are two kinds of yellow.  Or just take my word for it.  There were three sets of four garter ribs.  So four days in a row when the temperature was within the 6 degree range I've assigned that color.  The only time I've had four in a row before it was broken up by a month change.  Interesting. 
Being the end of June we are half way through the year.  So half way through this scarf!  And OH MY is it HUGE!  Whovian in size really. 

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jcg said...

I thought of Dr. Who, too. She makes a great model.