July 1, 2013

Twist Collector

Twist Collective has been my favorite knitting magazine since it first came out.  Every quarter when a new issue is released I sit here and oooh while my knitting que grows and grows.
My first Twist pattern was Gytha (totally had to look this up on Ravelry and I'm amazed that it was four years ago!).  I wanted to knit a sweater with color work but was wary of an all over color work sweater for both personal style and skill.  Gytha was perfect it's color work is simple enough for a beginner and with the striping it's interesting without being too busy.  I still wear this sweater regularly.
My second Twist pattern was Roo, and  is one of my favorites for a few reasons.  It's adorable and it was the first nice sweater I made The Bug. She wore it for three winters before growing out of it. The swing front is so great on little kids; it gives them that extra moving space they need so much.
Can you believe that is my big girl?!  She really liked this sweater.  It's the reason she always asks for a sweater jacket when we are discussing each year's sweater.
Another favorite of mine is Pyorre. So again not actually mine but it was mine to knit.  I'm showing my product knitting tendencies here.  The pieces I make my family, the ones they like the most, tend to end up being the ones I like the most.  Pyorre was the first sweater I knit Mr. Gnome that he actually and truly liked.  It's casual, it's a bit big, it's simple, but for my knitting needs, not too simple, really a good sweater to make for a guy. 
The Twist piece I wear the most is Cascata.  I've realized that I really like stoles.  While I like the idea of a shawl I just move around too much for something to sit nicely on my shoulders.  I always end up wrapping them around my neck and stoles can handle this sort of treatment so much better than a triangle shaped shawl.  Cascata does fit nicely on the shoulders and sometimes I'll wear it that way if I'm cold and sitting in a restaurant.
 But that crescent shaping that keeps it on the shoulders so well also helps it lay nicely when wrapped around ones neck like a scarf.  The bolder lace looks nice and doesn't get lost when bunched up as a scarf. 
I am the most proud of Athabasca.  It took me a long time but it was worth it.  When I saw it I fell in love, both with the look and the color of the modeled garment.  I'm really glad Webs was out of the blue when I ordered, making me decide on a different color, purple. It makes it mine.  There is color work and all over but it isn't too busy or too feminine.  Just my style.
The next two sweaters I plan on making are both from Twist Collective and both are cardigans.  One is Granville with the fleece I've been spinning up.  I love cables and have mixed feelings about the zipper; excited and scared.  The other is  Roseling.  I've been wanting to do more stripes. 

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