August 1, 2013


My Year in Temperatures Scarf was very yellow and orange.  No real surprise.  Probably more yellow than one would expect but absolutely nothing to complain about.  Well....ok so I have a red ball.  Red is for 100 and up.  I have not knit with the red ball.  It does not look like I will.  And in a dirty, sadistic sort of way I'm a little bummed about that.  I know, I know, that's wrong and I'll stop having those thoughts.  Except there won't be any red in my scarf.....
I did make 17 hexipuffs.  New total: 285.  There is a cable, a hot air balloon, a flower a tea kettle and a bunny.  Now the bunny.  This is the chart I was using to stitch the cutey.  The Bug saw it on the computer screen just as I was clicking over to a different window.  She asked me if I was stitching a dead gopher.  Not why am I stitching a dead gopher but more of hey that's cool that you are stitching a dead gopher on that hexipuff and really everyone should have a dead gopher on their blanket.  Sometimes I'm a little worried about that kid.

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