August 3, 2013

More summer sewing and directions

 Made a dress for The Bug.  Basic halter top summer dress.  The fabric is from Fabric Nosherie's closing sale.  The pattern is in the book Girl's World also bought at the closing sale.  It has some cute dress patterns.  The biggest complaint I have about the book is the pictures.  There are quite a few pictures in the beginning but you can't always tell which dress the girls are wearing and it doesn't tell you.  Then the one picture they have right before the pattern is cute but doesn't always show enough of the dress.
 Amazingly it's supposed to be longer.  I apparently can't comprehend Width and Length so the rectangle I cut out for the back was the wrong way; making it 5 inches shorter then the pattern calls for.  It's the perfect length now.  There is a reason we call her teeny tiny. 
We'd just gotten home from a walk to the Library and she was not interested in a photo shoot. 

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