September 7, 2013

Adventures with Gnomes

 Sometimes we do stuff.  Not often mind as I'm happy staying home and Mr. Gnome works a lot.  But sometimes...
Yesterday we had an uneventful apple picking experience.  We also picked Nectarines and I got 35 lbs of tomatoes. 
 We were then going to go to a Free Art Day Event.  We were early so we walked along the river trail until we found a not-part-of-the-river-trail path.  Being the adventurous rebels we are (ha ha ha)we took it. 
 Walking along the river we found some neat stuff. 
 Rocks and probably an old brick.  I brought home the brick and a shiny rock. 
 Then The Bug made art.  I made a hexipuff. 
 Today we were again early for our plans and took a walk.  This time Mr. Gnome took a picture of dead vines on a dead window of a dead building. 
 Then we found a yard sale and he bought this hippo.  Well he begged me for the quarter so he could buy the hippo.  It was a mascot during brunch.  It's supposedly going to live on Mr. Gnome's desk at work. 
Then we came across this and I was done adventuring. 

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