September 10, 2013


 Yesterday I processed 35 lbs of tomatoes.  Crazy I know!  7 jars and four zip lock bags of tomato sauce (I ran out of jars) and five bags of fire roasted tomatoes.  All now in the new to me freezer.  It's a very basic sauce, just tomatoes, onion, garlic, and basil.  I figure I can through stuff into it when we use it if I want it more interesting. 
 A few weeks ago I made pickles.  7 jars to be precise.  I Love Pickles.  Really so yummy.  But I never buy them.  They, seem to me, to be an extra, and I rarely buy extras.  But four dollars for 4 lbs of cucumbers and $1 for a big onion to make 7 jars of pickles seems like good frugal math to me.  They are freezer pickles and this is the first jar I've taken out of the freezer to eat.  Still crisp.  Still yummy.  Oh It'll be a good year of pickles!
Today I have a migraine.  Well I had the beginning of one yesterday but new I had to get those tomatoes take care of before it got ugly.  But today it's more painful.  It's one of those migraines where I have the munchies.  So, naturally, I made hummus.  Ok maybe most people don't make hummus when they feel icky but I Really wanted a  dip for these chips.  I can't buy hummus, olive oil is a migraine trigger.  And making this hummus is SO easy.  It's from Appetite for Reduction and is just chickpeas, garlic, oil (I use grapeseed), lemon juice, salt and paprika.  Blend and nom. 

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