September 2, 2013


 Look, Look way up there on the top.  Two rows of Red.  Two days of 100+ temps.  Ok so not really exciting.  Except that I got to use the red.  Odd looking August.  More light yellow than you'd imagine and not nearly as much orange.  Not that I'm upset about that at all.  New record of six days the same color in a row. 
And a sad 12 hexipuffs.  The Bug isn't doing any set classes right now, and probably won't until the new year if then.  Thus, I get few hexipuff opportunities.  We've done a few field trips and have a few more coming up but they aren't as consistent and don't usually involve lots of sitting and knitting time for me.  So here are the 12 bringing up us to 297.  One cabley and one with a Robin's nest and some wonky looking eggs. 

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