October 20, 2013

Day 2

 There are some adorable sheep in this world.  This is only one.  So many sheep so little time.
Today we did more of the sitting back and seeing stuff.  Lael was part of  magic trick.  We also watched a mad scientist, some Bugs, Frogs, and Animals, and Leaping Llamas.  The Leaping Llamas were wonderful.  So adorable and cute.  They really didn't understand why their human wanted them to jump the fence.  It was pretty great to watch.
Mom and I had some Artichoke French.  Apparently it's a thing.  People were excited.  There was a huge line most of the time.  We passed by once and there wasn't so; when in Rome...or Rhinebeck....or something.  It was an experience.
Today was easier than yesterday.  It wasn't as crowded or crazy feeling.  In general it was a weekend to remember.  If I was a people person I would have loved it.  As I'm not I'm glad I went but I could never make this a yearly thing.  And not just because of how long it will take me to spin all this stuff....

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