October 25, 2013


 Ok so now that I've recovered from the Big Trip and the people and the driving and the driving.  I bring you the sweaters that have been done for a good week now....or more.  Mom and I had fun doing a photo shoot in the woods by the cabin.  Not too far in; somehow there were still ticks!
First there is Roseling. Really this poor sweater has been done forever.  After the steeking I was still afraid to touch it.  And then I had to wait for the buttons, and then I accidently threw out the buttons but we found them at the bottom of the trash can.  Then I was still afraid that if I picked it up the whole thing would explode in a pile of yarn pieces. 
 This is the button.  I sewed them on.  Nothing exploded.  They look like spiders because the sweater reminds me of Spider Man.  I like Spider Man.
I was climbing a tree like Spider Man.  And you can see the neat lines of the sweater.  I didn't think I liked this sweater.  But now, after wearing it, I do like it.  It's a tad tight in the arms so I'll only be wearing it with short sleeve shirts. Being alpaca that should be fine anyway.  But it fits my body well and I think it's kind of cute.
Now Granville.  I was still knitting it when I left to see my family.  I finished it there and had to block the hood.  It rained a lot there and the blasted thing would. not. dry!  I took a blow dryer to it!  I hate using a blow dryer on my own hair.  It should be pointed out that I was blow drying this sweater with wet hair because I find blow drying to be so tedious that I don't ever do it to myself. 
 It dryed and made it to NY.  I'm less than thrilled with it.  It grew or something because it is Big.  It's comfy.
 Kind of like one of those over sized cozy sweaters.  Some people like that.  Sometimes I like that.  But not usually and it wasn't what I was going for.  I mean it's nice and all and would look great on a person a size or two bigger than me.  Or someone who just likes bigger sweaters.
 I don't feel like I've made a sweater that fits this badly in a long time. 
I'm trying to look at the positives. I made a consistent yarn.  It did what it was supposed to.  I just couldn't knit it right.
I did wash, comb and spin a fleece into a sweater. A sweater for when I feel like hiding in a big sweater. 
Hiding is good.  I like hiding.

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