October 7, 2013


The Bug just said it looks like a real sweater.  So there!
The zipper is in!  Wasn't as painful as I feared, but it's also not the best job in all the world.  Couple of wonky spots.  Right now I'm knitting a side of the hood.  There is still the other side to knit.  Then the back gets sewn on, the the sleeves sewn together and the hood sewn up.  That ball is all I have in yarn as I haven't finished spinning the last of the fleece.  I'm at this point hoping I won't need that bit of fleece.  I know Rhinebeck is still 11 days away.  But The Bug and I are going to visit my family first and we are leaving for that this Friday.  I really wanted to be done before then.  It's possible... maybe....perhaps....

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